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The cost of homeowners insurance, depends on your state and can range from few hundred a year to over $2,000. Homes in the Florida or Texas area are a lot more costly to insure than a home in Arizona or Nevada. No matter what your state is or how large the home may be, we have some quick tips to help you save money on homeowners insurance.

Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes
Homeowner insurance rates will be different depending on who you go tthe quote from. Industry experts recommend to compare at least four (4) homeowners insurance to compare prices on the policies. There are services that lets you fill out one form and recieve multiple offers free of charge from top insurance companies such as Farmers or Mercury. While you are comparing homeowners insurance quotes, make sure you are comparing coverage and not just the cost of the insurance.

Increase Deductible
Increasing your minimum deductible to at least $1,000 or even better, $2,000 will save you as much as 15-20% off your premium. If your home is in a location where natural disasters occur more frequently, the insurance company may have separate deductibles for any damage caused by those disasters. For instance, some companies in Florida will have this for hurricane damage and companies in California will have separate earthquake coverage.

Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discounts
A lot of insurance companies will offer discounts if you buy insure your auto and home through them. Insuring both auto and home is not always the cheapest, so still take time to compare quotes with a few insurance companies.

Disaster Resistant
While you can't protect your home from natural disasters, you can limit the damage that they would potentially cause. For instance, if you are in a place where windstorms and hailstorms fall on a frequent basis such as Dallas, you can buy some storm shutters and shatter-proof windows to prevent them from breaking easily.

Cost of House vs. Rebuilding Cost
If you bought your home 8 or more years ago, the rebuilding cost of your home may be more than the cost of the home. The cost of the lot (the physical land the house is built on) should not be insured. Windstorms or hail cannot damage the land itself. Some areas, the lots cost as much as $250,000 such as in California, while in other places, the lots are well under $20,000.

Home Security Discounts
Homeowners insurance companies will offer discounts if your house has security devices such as an alarm system, dead bolt locks or some other type of alarm system to prevent break-ins. The discounts can be as much as 15-20% depending on the insurer.

Other Discounts
Other homeowners discounts include having a smoke detector or advanced sprinkler system. The best tip is to ask agent if there are anymore discounts available.
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